As there is high level of unpopularity heralding the so called and provocative e-levy bill in Ghana, the former President of the Republic is trying very hard to calm down the nerves of Ghanaians as many of them had gone “gaga” over government’s decision to go ahead with the planned implementation as it was easier assented into law by the current president, Nana Akufo Addo.

It is without a doubt that, majority of the electronic transaction patrons are livid and irritated by such an unpopular executive power of an oligarchy coupled with senseless show of bravado after they wept bitterly in an objection of the burdensome e-levy.

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But it looks as though, some session of the Ghanaian public are already rejoicing as the former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, has come into the equation with promises of expunging the e-levy bill across the country.

Political watchers had predicted that, the decision that this current government took, is cruel and insensitive bereft humanity at the centre of the decision. Former president Mahama accused president Akufo Addo of deliberately collapsing the stable economy he Mahama left behind as his untouchable legacy but Nana Addo ruined it due to his ineptitude.



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