I had two kids out of wedlock but their mother polluted their minds – Veteran actor reveals

Omansomfo Nana Yaw Kwakye
Omansomfo Nana Yaw Kwakye

Veteran actor and broadcaster, Omansomfo Nana Yaw Kwakye, has disclosed that he had two children out of wedlock, however, they do not communicate with him because their family has polluted their minds.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Mr Kwakye indicated that the 28 and 25-year-olds are fully aware of who he is but barely have a relationship with him. He blames this on the family of their mother for filling their heads with false narratives of him.

“They know me and where I stay but they barely visit. You know when you give birth out of wedlock, the woman paints the man bad to the children. That is what happened,” he shared.

The 70-year-old worked several years with GBC, Radio Gold and later Montie FM. He was a news anchor for many years and later hosted a show interviewing prominent people such as the late President Atta Mills.

Before his journalism career, Mr Kwakye played many roles in different TV shows and films. However, he told host, DJ Nyaami that his favourite role was “using the wisdom God gave me to advise the viewers.”

Kindly watch the full interview below:


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