Controversial radio personality and reggae musician, Blakk Rasta has blamed Shatta Wale for being snared on drugs. He portrayed Shatta Wale as an addict in the wake of seeing a video of the last smoking.

During a telephone in meeting on 360 show on Akoma 87.9fm, Blakk Rasta shared his interpretation of the continuous instance of distribution of bogus news against Shatta Wale. He considered Shatta a garbage and a horrendous good example for the young.

In clarifying what he implied when he said Shatta Wale is an addict (a shoptalk utilized for a fanatic). As indicated by him, Shatta Wale’s powerlessness to stop smoking makes him an addict.

“Junkie means someone who uses drugs and cannot stop. Normally, that’s the word we use for such people. But u can be a junkie of music or can be a junkie of work. But generally, is for someone who uses drugs and cannot stop.

“I believe he (Shatta Wale) came out to say that he has stopped smoking. And just last month, if you watch the 1Don video, he was smoking. I don’t what he was smoking … he claimed he has stopped, but now he’s back to it. Which means it is something he couldn’t stop himself from doing. So he is a junkie of that thing.”

When asked if he believes Shatta Wale is on drugs, he replied, “Of course, yes.”

All things considered, Shatta Wale was captured for causing apprehension and frenzy over a demise trick. On Thursday, 21st of October, he was requested by the high court to serve seven days at Ankaful jail. He returned in court yesterday and has been allowed GHc100,000 bail.



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