As some cross sessions of the Ghanaian populace are asking to know the religious divide in which the president of Ghana leans, he has now settled all doubts on his religious faith and beliefs.

The president has affirmed his stance on Christian religion daring others whose name he was not bold enough to mention that, he as the current leader of the country, every single decision that he takes, it is influenced by his firm believe in root in the Holy Bible which is the inscrutable and immutable breathe of God to humanity for a salvation.

According to the president, he has God who resides in his heart that, there is no decision or plan that he will initiate without consulting God first for His ultimate direction. He was quickly jabbed by others the moment he began saying such faithless remarks as though he truly had God in any part of his body.

Because, whoever is borne of God, overcomes the world but the current economic hardship that has befallen Ghana under the Akufo Addo leadership, it is unprecedented and unheard of. If it is true that God rules in his affairs as he blatantly asserted, whatever he does must be centred on God as he blindly claims thereby, prevailing upon every form of catastrophic scene.

Faith without work, is dead but he arrested Christian pastors and closed down the same Christian churches in Ghana for flouting the so called covid protocols.



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