House help caught by boss with a truck full of employer’s belongings [VIDEO]

house help caught

Like the popular saying, 99 days for the thief, one day for the owner, this best describes what happened to a housemaid caught stealing panties from her boss.

A viral video that has flooded social media of a maid caught as she had packed some belongings stolen from her employer.

This one packed virtually everything and tried to escape but luck eluded her and got busted.

In the video, the young house help is seen on her knees begging her employer to forgive her after she had packed the belongings in a rented mini Kia truck popularly known as ”Abosokai Macho”. The belongings consisted of suitcases, tables, mattresses buckets and other household items.

Some of the things that people do are absolutely bizarre and very shocking. Some might say it’s juju or what but the fact that these things do happen is a mystery.



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