Hassan Ayariga lands in ICU after refusing to take COVID-19 vaccine

Hassan Ayariga in ICU
Hassan Ayariga in ICU

It has been reported that Mr. Hassan Ayariga, presidential candidate in the 2020 presidential race is currently on admission at the Intensive Care Unit after contracting the deadly Coronavirus. In a post My News Ghana saw, Mr. Hassan Ayariga was seen in a hospital with oxygen tubes.

In a social media post, the user claimed that Mr. Hassan Ayariga had refused the Coronavirus vaccine after he (Facebook user) made arrangements for the politician to be vaccinated.

Mr. Hassan Ayariga is on record to have said that he will never take the COVID-19 vaccine describing it as unnecessary as his immune system is not in danger.

“I have not taken the vaccine till date. Let them take it; we’ll stay alive. The vaccine is not the cure, don’t you know that? It’s only boosting the immune system according to them but if you have a perfect immune system, what do you need the vaccine for?”.


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