The Minister of Roads and Highway, Hon. Kwasi Amoako-Attah has uncovered that plans are far cutting edge to change over the different deserted tollgates in the nation into washroom facilities to stop the simplicity of drivers and travelers on our various roads.

The Minister made this disclosure after the National Roads Safety Authority engaged the Ministry to eliminate the different tollgates assuming the public authority has no substitute need for them to decrease road mishaps.

“The government will refurbish all those tollbooths structures to provide proper and decent washrooms. For instance, the use by motorist so that we advise them to desist from the practice that you see that at times cars stopping indiscriminately on the highway and people getting out… you know, to wee-wee as we usually say it.”


The Minister expressed that the move is to address the washroom shortage on our various roads.

“You see men on the left and women on the right (urinating) or at times you see a man and a woman, look, it’s all indecent, it’s not a good practice.”

However, the Head of the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) Compliance Unit, Lawyer Kwame Koduah Atuahene has contended that the tollgates have become impediments to drivers and could present threats to them, subsequently should be eliminated before they cause turmoil.



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