Government appointees must swear to deities – Nana Otafrigya


A Ghanaian traditional priest, Nana Okomfo Otafrigya in an interview announced that he wants to send a petition to the president and parliament to make some amendments to the constitution.

According to the priest, he was bent on ensuring constitutional changes that will give room for all elected and appointed government officials to invoke traditional gods before assuming office.

He was of the view that such a practice will instill fear into people from engaging in corrupt activities while occupying public office.

The dreaded Akim Akroso-based fetish priest, Nana Okomfo Paynin Otafrigya is set to petition the President,Nana Addo and Parliament of Ghana next month to amend the constitutional provision of Ghana to enable all elected and appointed government officials take a traditional oath “ntam” and curses of deity invoked on them before assuming their various position to prevent misappropriation of State funds.

Nana Komfo Paynin Otafrigya,who was speaking in an interview with Kasoa-based Ewutu Radio with Bishop Oteng on the Ewutu radio 97.5 in the afternoon news, said that is the only means to safeguard the state purse.

Otafrigya believes this will instil fear in corrupt officials not to mess with State coffers.

He said politicians who steal money and mismanage State resources are left off the hook all the time in the name of Christian and Islamic religion.

“They steal our money because they swear with the Bible and Quran, so let them swear with the deity even if they are Christians or Muslims.

“The fight against corruption is not an easy one. However, it can be won with concerted efforts,” he added.

According to Nana Okomfo Paynin Otafrigya, he wants to make corruption and phantom election campaign promises a costly enterprise with the threat of a curse.


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