The deputy minister for finance and economic planning, John Kumah, has waded into the challenges expressed by many Ghanaians when the issues relating to the e-levy bill was enacted into law.

He intentionally decided to calm down the nerves of the angry Ghanaians by stating that, as the bill implementation is in its grill, numerous setbacks tabled by people pertaining to the implementation would be addressed as soon as practicable.

According to him, every issue that has characterised the e-levy as in a form of hit to anyone or group of persons, would be sorted out during the initial stages of the bill implementation. He further assured Ghanaians that, their worries and pessimism about the e-levy should be left alone behind them as the country hopes to restore the debilitating economy with the money accrued from the collection of the levy.

John Kumah retorted; these same people who are against this very levy, would come back and be hailing the government for the very decision they are revolting when the government adopts a prudent way of utilising the bill for development projects in the various districts of the country.



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