The Ghana Journalists Association, GJA, is fumbling for words as the international community gave a damning verdict of the press freedom in the country.

Scores of respected journalists in Ghana, have taken to social media to share their various catastrophic scenarios of threats and brutality meted out to them in their line of duty. Ghana as a country, has drastically dropped to ground zero when it comes to freedom of speech and of press in the country.

The country has currently been ranked and dropped of 30 positions in the world. Many Islamic states have been ranked far ahead of Ghana which boast of democratic rule and freedom of justice but, it is never the case under the watch of Akufo Addo.

This year’s ranking of the freedom of the press in Ghana, is the worst ever after attaining independence from the British Colonial rule in 1957.

According to some journalists in Ghana, they are no longer safe to practise journalism because of how they are being threatened by the government or even state security forces.

Assassination attempts have been launched on countless media professionals whilst, others lost their lives due to corruption related cases exposed by such patriotic journalists.



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