The senior high school students in the Upper East region of Ghana, are now left to their own fate as the only feeding system that is sustainable for them is what they termed as “Gari Jollof”.

It is emerging that, schools in the region are running out of food stocks hence the harrowing decision to be feeding students with gari during lunch break in the over 36 senior high schools in the Upper East region.

The students pointed it out that, they have no other alternative but to resort to eating such a starchy food which even makes it difficult for them to see clearly after consumption. The evidence is undoubtedly visible on the table for all to grasp as to whether it is reasonably humane to feed the future leaders of this very noble nation with gari everyday under the school feeding programme.

In this dire situation, school authorities in the region are tight lipped on this worrying trend for fear of losing their jobs as the country struggles to attain an economic emancipation from financial mismanagement and profligate spending on the part of government and its appointees.

The visuals are glaringly transparent as proofs for this thought provoking information we are drawing your attention to. Therefore, judge for yourself if human beings are supposed to be eating such foods during break time in schools as if we are hit by a severe and a terrible famine.



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