There was a deadly inferno in the police barracks at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, where the precious lives of two had been condemned into the drain.

The lives of other remaining three persons who sustained very scaring degrees of injuries, are being currently attended to at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. Although, the fire service officials were timely called in to as a matter of an urgency to douse the fierce raging inferno, it caused uncountable harms to lives and valuable properties before their arrival at the scenes ground.

The victims were retrieved by the fire officers immediately upon their coming onto the tragic incident scene where five people were rescued from the fire. Those five individuals saved were quickly transported to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital for a medical attention but two of the victims were tragically pronounced dead on an arrival.

The family members of those who lost their dear lives, are at this juncture, in a state of shock and others are traumatised about such a horrifying incident. But, inasmuch there is life within those on the rescuing mission to save lives and properties, the latter days of those bereaved, shall be greater than the former.

Let us join our hands and safeguard the lives of one another, for we do not know what tomorrow holds or brings either good or bad omen. Let us continue to intercede for our neighbours for a peaceful transitional experience in life.



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