Fire destroys storeroom of Osino Senior High School


Fire has destroyed the storeroom of Osino Senior High School in Fanteakwa South District in the Eastern Region.

Albeit the fire was quenched at the beginning phases keeping it from spreading to the whole school office, a few coordinations utilized for home financial aspects practicals were annihilated.

Furthermore, a few things having a place with the understudies were likewise singed.

Three female understudies who endeavored to pick their things from the smoke-occupied room fell and were raced to Kibi government medical clinic where they were balanced out and released.

As per the Senior Housemistress, she was educated by the understudies that thick smoke was surging from the storeroom.

The Senior housemistress said despite the fact that the reason for the fire is obscure, he wouldn’t preclude pyromania as certain occupants keep on barging in the grounds because of absence of fence divider around the school.

A portion of the understudies approached government to earnestly intercede and support to empower them do their home financial matters assessment practical.



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