A farmer in Wassa Atobiasi in the Western Region has allegedly been shot dead over a land dispute at his farm on Sunday, June 13.

Speaking to the Assemblyman in Wassa Atobiasi on Skyy Power 93.5FM, Mr. John Kankam, explained that the deceased was shot at his farm when he decided to go harvest some cocoa.

However, his family alerted some members of the community after the deceased had not return from the farm which was unusual of him.

This prompted them to mount a search in the bushes which his lifeless body was later discovered with gunshot wounds at the spine area.

According to Mr. Kankam, the deceased had a land dispute with his nephew that resulted in a brawl some few weeks ago.

The police in Wassa Atobiasi after the death have arrested the nephew, niece and the sister of the deceased to aid in investigation over the murder as they suspect foul play.

Apparently, the deceased was shot on the same land which brought about the misunderstanding between him and the nephew.

Source: Skyypowerfm


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