A man from Bepoase, a community in Adansi south district of Ashanti region has died from corona virus(covid-19) at St Francis hospital at Assin Fosu in the Central region about two weeks ago. According to the district health director, Dr Daniel Yeboah,he got a call from Assin Fosu health director that someone has come to their hospital and when they tested him it was a covid-19 so he has died. Again,he added that,when it happened like that, they went to the families of the victim and asked them to come for them to takes their samples but the families refused to come. Finally, Dr Daniel Yeboah added that they reported it to the Odikro of the Bepoase community and the odikro also went to the family and asked them to allow them to take their samples but the family still refused to come.

Dr. Daniel Yeboah, the district health director Adansi south district.
Dr. Daniel Yeboah, Adansi south district health director.

CALL Dr. Daniel Yeboah, Adansi south district health director. 0549773719


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