There were mixed feelings across the entire boundaries of Ghana yesterday, as workers from all walks of life; availed themselves to celebrate workers’ day.

Various employees; both public and private sector workers of the Ghanaian economy, participated in the celebration with an urgent call on the government to prioritise better conditions of service for the workers in Ghana.

Some workers stated that, it was not their heartfelt to come up for the celebration because, there was nothing to jubilate about as cost of living and doing business is driving them out of the field with full force to look elsewhere.

As the workers were parading some inscriptions written on their placards, visible forms of anger and vexation were seen on their faces as though they were compelled to throng to the streets by their harrowing economic debacles.

It is expected in the coming days that, the government would meet the local government secretariat and other workers union to deliberate on matters affecting employees in their various fields of endeavours.

As it appears now, there is no other sensitive language clearly understood by workers except to go on sit down strike to drive home their demands for salary adjustments as prices of goods and services have become unbearable in the country.



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