The worrying trend of low school attendance, poor performance in exams, teenage pregnancy and high child mortality rates within the Ajumako – Enyan Essiam district, has caught the attention of the Amankorahemaa (Nana Afua Okruw I). Who has initiated a health and education campaign to partner with stakeholders in the health and education sector to curb this worrying trend.

Due to poor internet connectivity in surrounding villages , accessing NHIS registration is a challenge to most inhabitants within communities as Kwakuwaa, Oboom, Oboame, Eseadze and its surrounding settlements. This requires that residents travel to the district office located at Enyan Denkyira before registering.

The ABOARADZE OBAATANPA okruw   health campaign on Saturday 13th February, 2021 started registration for underprivileged children within those communities. Nana says it is her vision to register at least 1,000 children unto the national health insurance scheme.

Realising the need for all children to be safe in this Covid -19 Pandemic, Nana informed our news team that the onset of the rains is normally associated with upsurge of malaria fever amongst children and that ability to withstand covid -19 also requires that children get treated when they fall sick of other diseases.

The exercise, she said had come to empower poor parents to seek early treatment for their children whenever they fall sick.

She therefore extended an appeal to all well-meaning People as well as philanthropist to reach out and support the initiative.

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Some beneficiaries expressed their appreciation to Obaatanpa Okruw for the support.

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Story by Kwame Evans, Central Region.

Call Nana Afua Okruw for more 0551334987


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