The lady who claims to have witnessed the attack on social media activist, Ibrahim Mohammed, aka Macho Kaaka, in Ejura in the Ejura/Sekyedumase Municipality of the Ashanti Region, which resulted in his death, two days later, has given a harrowing account of what might have transpired.

According to Sadia Fuseini, she witnessed the deceased elder brother called Iddi Mohammed dragging the body of the activist into a bathroom on Saturday, June 26, 2021.

Kaaka died at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Kumasi on June 28, 2021, where he had been referred to from the Ejura Government Hospital and news of his death sparked violence in Ejura, leading to the death of two other rampaging residents and injuries to four people.

The witness, who is a co-tenant of Kaaka and his family, made the disclosure yesterday at the Prempeh Assembly Hall in Kumasi, when she appeared before the three-member committee, probing the mayhem at Ejura.

She said, “I was in my room preparing to start my prayers when I heard the sound of Kaaka’s motorbike approaching the house. I suddenly heard a loud noise like the sound of the motorbike falling down, so I stopped what I was doing to try and observe what was going on.”

The witness said in the process she “heard someone groaning, so I came out to see exactly what was happening, and I saw Kaaka’s elder brother dragging him by his hand towards the bathroom, where the light suddenly went off.”

She said “so I rushed and knocked on the door of Kaaka’s wife to inform her. After knocking, I turned and saw Baba Iddi (Kaaka’s brother) leaving the compound. A neighbour, who had heard me shouting and knocking at Sahada’s (Kaaka’s wife) door, came out to see what was happening. She met Baba Iddi exiting the compound when she was coming towards me.

“I was reluctant to mention what I saw to anyone because Iddi is a relative to the family, so I was praying that Kaaka will recover so that he can say that it was his brother who caused that harm to him, but he didn’t.”

The witness said that “prior to that, I had called my husband and narrated everything to him. After Kaaka’s death, my husband suggested that I give an account of what I saw, so we went to the police station and reported the matter and Baba Iddi was subsequently arrested.”

According to the witness, she and her husband had to flee their home because she was receiving threats for daring to reveal that it was Kaaka’s brother who had committed the crime.

Kaaka’s Wife

On Monday when she appeared before the committee, Kaaka’s wife, Sahada Hudu, had told the committee that she was convinced that the constant leakage of rots in society on social media, claimed the life of her husband.

She even claimed some people, in the NPP in Ejura, for some time, felt uncomfortable about the social media activities of her deceased husband, and also claimed that such people, whose names she could not disclose, had cautioned Kaaka to refrain from his activities, else they would deal with him.

Sahada Hudu then told the committee to investigate the lady who was making the allegation against Kaaka’s brother.

“Conduct your investigations well, and find out the one who caused my husband’s death. The one who testified against my husband’s brother should be called… We live in the same house. She told me that she didn’t see anything, but she said she only heard the sound of my husband entering the house. She didn’t see anything because all of us went to the scene to see what had happened,” she added.

Victim’s Mother

Also appearing before the committee was Salamatu Mohammed, the mother of the 16-year-old boy, Mohammed Awal Misbawu, whose leg has been amputated after he sustained gunshot wounds during the Ejura mayhem.

She told the committee that her son was not part of the protest and had been sent to buy food to eat.

“My son told me he was going to buy the food, and he saw some military men coming and suddenly, he fell down and lost consciousness. He told me, he regained his consciousness at the hospital.”

She added that “the next day, the doctor told us that he has referred my son to Duayaw Nkwanta Hospital. So they procured an ambulance, and he was taken there. When we got there around 4:00 pm, the doctor admitted us and requested us to pay GH¢1,500 for an operation to be conducted on my son.”

“So my son was taken to the theatre, and he (doctor) observed my son and said he couldn’t continue, and that we should send him to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. My son was admitted and taken to the theatre. The doctor said he can’t do anything on the leg unless he amputates it. So as we speak, he is still at the hospital, and he has been amputated,” she said.

The witness further said that “I didn’t know the situation in town; as at the time, he was going to buy the food. But all I can say is that he wasn’t part of the demonstration.”


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