Convert toll booths to washrooms

A Policy think Tank called Institute for Political Administration and Development (IPAD-Ghana) founded by Mr. Amankwaa Nathaniel an Anti-corruption campaigner, has advised the Ministry of Roads and Highways led by Hon. Amoako Atta to reconsider its decision to covert the unused toll booths to washrooms.

According to the Think Tank, siting a washroom at the middle of a road will cause a huge traffic when especially commercial cars stops for passengers to use the facility.


The Think Tank also believes it will be a recipe for accident when it’s been converted to washrooms.

According to Mr. Amankwaa, they are suggesting to the government to use the toll booths for security check point to enhance road safety on our various roads.

In overseas, there are a lot of washrooms sited on the streets but none of them can be found at the middle of the roads as the toll booths was constructed ‘he said’


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