small scale miners clash

After defying the chairman’s order to mine in a Red zone, some illegal miners including suspected NPP exponents have disaccorded with the youth of Manso Aboaboso, a town in Amansie South quarter of the Ashanti region.

This is the fourth time, the community has defied attempts by unconscionable Ghanaians to shoulder illegal mining in the Oda River Forest Reserve with fortified security guards but this time, it turned chaotic.

Scores of the youth were assaulted and injured, two Excavators burnt and two innocent youthful men arrested and detained for nearly six days.

Disquisition by this journalist reveals that the community youth in their hunt to help the illegal miners from operating in the Oda River Forest Reserve were attacked by the galamseyers who in the process injured some of them, whilst the youth also redressed.

In a different twist, the alleged NPP exponents involved in the illegal conditioning brought some police officers to the city and supposedly arrested two innocent boys under the rationale that they had gone to beget mayhem.

Meanwhile, the arrest, unlawful detention and posterior facilitation to jail the suspects is a advised attempt by those behind this to cow the community for a advance but the youth of Manso Aboaboso has pledged to die in protection of their heritage.


The community is calling for the immediate release of the suspects by the police and the arrest and execution of those behind the act including their Assemblyman and the DCE who are supporting the perpetrators.


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