Commercial driver arrested for kidnapping [VIDEO]


A driver has been apprehended by the Nigeria Police Force for aiding in the kidnappings of citizens.

The suspect, Bashiru Sule, allegedly has been conspiring with some kidnapping gangs to kidnap innocent citizens whiles posing as a driver from a motor park.

The spokesperson for the Nigeria Police Force, Frank Mba mentioned that the suspect operates mostly on major highways on the North East and North West parts of the country and works with multiple kidnapping gangs.

“What he does is that sometimes, he goes to the motor park, present his vehicle and pretends to be an innocent hardworking transporter.” the police said.

He will patiently wait for passengers to board his vehicle and once he has enough of these passengers, he moves from the park.

He establishes communication with members of other kidnapping gangs and bandits along his way and once he gets to a comfortable area, these gang members will intercept his vehicle and kidnap all his passengers,” he said.

The suspect has since been in the custody of the police force.


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