Working in the public and private sectors of the economy in Ghana, are still agitating for better remuneration system to be formulated by their employers.

The employees are citing luxurious cost of doing business and living in the country as harsh thereby making life unbearable and more of the one which feels as though it were a hell.

It was last week that the Labour Commission tried its possible best to negotiate with workers so that an agreement would be reached to compel them go back to work but it seems, they have stubborn hearts.

The labour front in Ghana, is in a state of unrest, uncertainty, insurrection despondency, despair, skepticism and gloom as all workers of the sector are not willing to cheerfully contribute their quota to national development of the country.

The employees are holding the view that, many of them have been working 24/7 but they return home with nothing but within a twinkle of an eye, a politician will assume political power and at the quickest speed of time, he or she builds up a mansion without accounting for stewardship.

It is at the backdrop of that notion that the workers are no longer interested in devoting or committing themselves again in the jobs that are only hand to mouth and in some cases too, it will not even reach the mouth. Therefore, the workers will continue with their strike actions unless something urgent is done to alleviate the economic downturn faced with by the working forces in Ghana.



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