Cathedral fundraising strategy unveiled; churches asked to dedicate one week, every month, for prayers and special offerings the building of the edifice

Ghana National Cathedral
Ghana National Cathedral

The Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral, has asked churches in the country to dedicate one week, every month, for prayers and special offerings from members toward the building of the edifice.

The exercise, christened ‘National Cathedral Week,’ is expected to be undertaken for the next three years. It forms part of the fundraising strategy of the Board of Trustees to support the building of the Cathedral expected to be completed by 2024.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Apostle Opoku Onyinah, speaking at a launch of the fundraising strategy for the Cathedral at the Royalhouse Chapel International, Accra, noted that the initiative will help the Church raise enough funds for the $250 million project.

During that week, the weekdays will be used to pray for the country and cathedral project, and on that Sunday, a special offering is to be taken for the Cathedral project. Corporate bodies in Ghana as well as Ghanaian Christian churches in the diaspora will also be contacted to make a contribution towards the project,” he said.

Apostle Opoku Onyinah further called on various church leaders to galvanise support from their jurisdiction for the successful construction of the Cathedral.

“Two weeks after this national launch, that is, September 19, 2021, we appeal to all churches to launch the fundraising at their levels to engender greater enthusiasm and participation. During such programmes, free-will offerings and pledges are expected to be taken to support the Cathedral project,” he urged.

Individuals can also donate via the short code *979# and following the prompt, Momo contributions can also be sent to 0555750000 or Momo Pay ID 750000. For bank transfer Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) Cedi number 0301010134734502 and USD number 0303040134734501.

Member of the Board of Trustees, Founder and General Overseerer of Royalhouse Chapel, Apostle General, Sam Korankye Ankrah in his welcome remarks said the national cathedral project is not owned by the president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo.

“When you study the Bible, it teaches us the model of how temples are built and the one in 2 Chronicle chapter 2 for example, you will know that to build a temple, God places the vision in the heart of the King in our case the President and he revealed it to his son Solomon and in this case the Board of Trustees and then Solomon also asked others to support him which in this case is the church and all who believe in the vision,” he said.

He reiterated that the National Cathedral is a project that has been released from heaven into the hearts of our King the President, “but it is our project and today I am happy to announce that I am part of this project and I support this project 100 per cent.”

Those who say well, God spoke to him and so he should build, that is the wrong premise because when he builds, he takes the glory and blessing, I want to encourage you that we refuse that one person mobilizes the blessings of this land we all must partake in the inheritance and blessings,” he stressed.

The building of the 5,000-seater auditorium Cathedral is in fulfilment of a pledge President Akufo-Addo revealed he made to God before winning the 2016 elections.

As part of efforts to redeem his promise, the government has demolished the houses of judges located on the proposed site to construct the National Cathedral at Ridge in Accra.

The Cathedral project will also bequeath a gracious national park for all Ghanaians, bring new skills, technology, and jobs to the country, and act as a beacon to national, regional, and international tourists.


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