Many have raised genuine concerns as to whether the alacrity at which the repressive electronic money transfer bill is being implemented, has actually gone down well with the users in the country on matters of an education.

The electronic money transfer users are at sea for not really knowing what to do when it comes to charges deemed application to issues of the transactions.

The Ghana Revenue Authority, GRA, has come up to state that, users of the electronic transactions who cash in the amounts and cash out the money, would not be surcharged. This is the first time ever we are hearing such an announcement since the implementation kick started on Sunday which coincided with the Workers’ Day in Ghana.

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We are hoping that, as the revenue mobilisers have put this crucial update into the public domain, it will go a long way to cushion many in the country. It is not funny any longer with people when anyone speaks of the e-levy implementation because, nobody is cheerful about such a retrogressive move on the part of the government to willfully hoodwink the suspecting public to siphon money from their hard earned sweat.

As it seems quite vivid, Ghanaians will corporate with the new guidelines provided by the Ghana Revenue Authority, announcing to the whole nation that, in the implementation of the e-levy bill, cash in-cash out are exempted across the entire country.



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