“Blame NCCE/DVLA For Roads Accidents’’-GPRTU Chairman


The National Commission for Civic Education [NCCE] together with the Drivers and Vehicles License Authority [DVLA], have been indicted for rampant accidents on our various highways.

The duo institutions, conforming to the Sofoline Super branch vice chair of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union [GPRTU] Mr. Julius Caesar have assumed for the rampant road accidents recorded on our roads.

He asserted that, the NCCE and the DVLA have become arm chair insititutions which are enjoying tax payers’ fund with no advance.

Mr. Caesar remarked that, the NCCE which has been tasked by the state to educate the society on their civic rights has grown into a white boar.

‘‘The DVLA, NCCE and much significant institutions have become white elephants, I can assert that, these establishments are the head behind rampant accidents on our boulevards, the NCCE must cultivate the populace concerning road safety principles, but what do we see, they are only enjoying government money without any task, however, we require to sit up as a country to step expeditiously to overwhelm such issues’’, he underscored.

In extension to the narrative, he echoed that the DVLA must farther be dealt with under the decree for unlawfully awarding licences to people under the age of twenty-five years to drive commercial vans.

‘‘I must still charge the DVLA for granting license to under age, its very scurrilous, I will argue with the government to take step to ensure these institutions offer their functions diligently to preserve lives and properties’’. he established.



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