Blakk Rasta

An entertainment sensation, Blakk Rasta has called on the Ghana Boxing Authority to proscribe boxing nationwide in Ghana. According to him, it is not part of Ghanaian culture.

to be engaging in boxing activities because our forefathers did not train us in such a violent way.

He said such cruelties involved in the boxing ring, are teaching our children how to be aggressive therefore, it must be banned with an immediate effect. Blakk Rasta, who himself is a singer and a music composer, has not been kind to the boxing fraternity at all as he squarely matched the Ghana Boxing Authority boot for boot.

The late afternoon presenter came up with his views concerning boxing gymnastics when those in the boxing field are cashing in hugely and becoming known to the whole world day in and day out.

The view of the popular radio show host is expected to be thrown like a jettisoned cargo when his damning remarks about boxing in general, reach the forecourt of the boxing authority. It is not known yet how the body in charge of the boxing federation in Ghana would respond to his personal views though but it is believed that they would reply to him with a quiet tone.

Blakk Rasta stated that the main reason why the foreign countries brought boxing to Africa, is that the Africans should fight and hurt themselves so that they would remain under colonial rule.

He further clarified that, if boxing were not to be a violent activity or something belligerent and deadly, why is it that the British nationals themselves do not have time to engage themselves in such cruel activities?

Boxing has become very lucrative and a lot of people have invested huge amounts of money into it that he came out with such unpopular declarations.

Boxing investors would not take kindly to his frivolous suggestions because it seems he is trying to defame the boxing industry. Some people are even saying that; he would go on the radio with such outlandish and destructive remarks which are even considered to be an old-fashioned mentality that must be flung into the dust bin without thinking twice about how it is going to turn out to be.




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