Lawyer Adu Darko an independent candidate today, said, all that Asante Akim Central needed is development, according to him disclosed that the incumbent MP Lawyer Kwame Anyimadu Antwi has failed the people in Asante Akim Central.

Since in this 21st century people in Asante Akim Central are still defecating in the bush.

he disclosed that, he’s coming to elevate Asante Akim Central from the bondage that the incumbent MP has brought to them.

He continue that, he help Asante Akim Central youths to find jobs, and their needs and problems perturbing them, in terms of employment, infrastructural projects, roads, modernisation of markets will be considered when they vote him into power.

He then advise all person’s most especially the youth of Asante Akim Central to insist themselves from election violence and so therefore they should maintain before and after the general election.
Source: Obiri Yeboah Fentemfrem Junior


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