6 Patients die in Malian village under terrorists control


Some six patients have been reported dead in a Malian village which is said to be under the control of terrorists.

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According to local media reports, the village named Songo is located within Central Mali.

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Reports indicated that suspected terrorists had besieged the village for about a month.

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The mayor of Central Mali’s Diabaly province is reported to have informed the press about the death of the patients.

Reports say the gunmen have since the beginning of July 2021 been stopping individuals from entering and leaving the village.

According to reports, the patients were in need of critical health care outside the village. However, they could not get the needed care because the residents in the village feared the gunmen.

The local authorities told the federal authorities of the need to send the patients to hospitals outside the village. But reports indicated that nothing was done in that regard, local media reports added.


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