There are numerous ways but there exist some proven ways to make a woman go crazy which works with every female.

First let’s her understand why this is important.

When a woman get wet it means her body is naturally responding to intimacy desire and stimulation.

Fellow each of the following steps carefully and make her crazy like
she’s never been before.

  1. Make a connection

The best way to do it is to do your best to make a deeper connection with this woman; to form other types of intimacy besides just romance, to shoe her that she can trust you and that she can be completely relaxed around you.

  1. Break the ice with a hug.

When you hug someone, it means that you’re fond of them. However, knowing that you hug your friends, parents, your siblings, and other people you love in a non-intimacy way, it is clear that there is a crucial different between types of hugs.

Wait for the right moment. You will of course hug her when you see her approaching you or when you’re saying your goodbyes, but you can also do it during an emotional moment in which she would probably appreciate your physical and moral support.

When you hug a woman, you gently pull her in and hold her in your arms. If you see that she is not pulling back, you can pat her back, smell her hair, or even put your hands on her butt cheeks.

Make sure she feels your breath all over her face or neck because that is a sure way to her wetness.

  1. Be spontaneous

Do you know why women like bad boys and never put them in the friend zone?

Because they give them the thrill and excitement of the unknown.

  1. Tease her

Create an intimacy between the two of you. And what better way to do it then to tease her?

  1. Whisper slowly in her ear.

Another bulletproof way to intensify a woman’s intimacy desire and her wetness is by whispering slowly in her ear.

  1. Make her feel special

Making her feel special is not about making a commitment. Making her feel special in this case is all about letting her know that you really appreciate being so close to her.

  1. Flirt with her

Flirting helps to prepare her mind before physical intimacy. Flirt with a woman and even if she is not exactly into you, she will definitely entertain the attention.

Most women love it when all your attention points in their direction. They want to become your muse and inspiration.

  1. Become a friend.
    This is probably the most controversial step but before you jump to conclusions thinking that you definitely don’t want to end up in the friend zone.

You don’t have to become her best friend forever. That would be quite a substantial commitment!

You just need to share some sort of connection what will bring you closer to each other.


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