The case of the murder of a three-and half-year-old girl, allegedly by her stepmother, rocked the nation on May 17, with many demanding punishment for the alleged perpetrator.

Adom News‘ CJ Forson, who has delved deep into the issue, has met with the accused – stepmother and guardian of the little Maadjoa Adomah to unveil the full story.

Still maintaining her innocence, Esther Nyanteh, confessed to CJ Forson that she used to lash the little girl, but not in a way that could cause fatal wounds.

Madam Nyanteh further stated that little Adomah’s habit of involuntarily passing stool right after eating frustrated her and despite calls to her biological mother, nothing was done about the situation.

When asked by CJ Forson if that was enough cause to brutalise her, she explained that the deceased was stubborn and her biological mother’s cheeky responses to her ignited some fury in her.

Coupled with a yet-to-be-identified pastor’s declaration, madam Nyanteh believed little Adomah was an evil child, and that was a reason for her constant disturbing actions.

But, little Adomah’s biological mother, identified as Ama Boakyewaa, believed otherwise, insisting her daughter’s action was simply nature’s call that must be attended to.

Despite many complaints from the guardians, Miss Boakyewaa failed to go for her child, because her permission was not sought before the girl was relocated.

The father of the deceased explained that he took her without her mother’s notice because he felt he was rendering her a good service, as she was already struggling with caring for three other children.

Killer Boobo, as he is popularly called, accepted blame for detaching a minor from her mother, but said he was not an accomplice to murder.

Source: AdomOnline


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