The Electoral Commission of Ghana have said that some 30,000 people will not be able to vote in the upcoming December 7, polls.

However, despite participating in the voters’ registration exercise.

The Deputy Electoral Commissioner in charge of Corporate Services, Dr. Bossman Asare who made the revelation said, out of the over 17 million people who registered, these persons have been disqualified.

“They cannot vote because they had engaged in infractions,” he said.

However, giving more details, Dr. Bossman explained that, while 14,000 of them have been put on the Exceptions List, about 16,000 names are also on the Multiple List.

The Deputy Electoral Commissioner who was speaking to host of JoyNews’ The Probe, Emefa Apawu said due process was followed in reaching the decision to stop them from the December polls.

According to Dr. Bossman, after their eligibility was challenged by a regulatory body began the legal process, which was presided over by a judge to arrive at the decision to disqualify them.

However, he also discredited claims that an election in the country can be flawed.

“When you look at everything, you will know that a flawed election cannot be part of us and when you look at the measures and mechanisms we have put in place everything is set.

“We have informed the parties given them letters that we are going to print the ballot papers so make sure your agents are there. So a flawed election is not possible,” he insisted.


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