19-year-old boy sentenced to death by hanging for killing his 5-year-old nephew

A High Court in Nigeria’s Kano State has sentenced a 19-year-old boy, Ibrahim Khalil, to death by hanging for killing his five-year-old nephew, Ahmad Ado.

The presiding judge, Justice Usman Naabba, sentenced Khali to two counts of hijacking and punishable murder.

In his judgment, Justice Na’abba condemned the convict to 14 years of detainment for abducting and condemned him to no end for blamable manslaughter.

As per the arraignment counsel, Mr. Lamido Sorondinki, Khalil committed the offense at some point in 2019 at Karkasara Quarters in Kano city.

Sorondinki said that the respondent abducted his sister’s child, Ado, and in the process utilized a sellotape to cover his nose and mouth before covering him in a shallow grave at Sabuwar Sheka in Kano.

Three eyewitnesses and four shreds of evidence were introduced by the arraignment to the court during the preliminary.

However, the convict denied taking part in his nephew’s demise, his legal counselor, Barr. Aisha Abdulkadir introduced him as a solitary observer and argued for pardon for his sake.

Elsewhere in the world, a Nigerian woman, distinguished as Ndiana Utuk, has been tossed into grieving in the wake of losing her sister, Nsisong Utuk, to the virus hands of death.

It was accumulated that Nsisong was one of the people who died in a terrible engine mishap that happened last month while heading out to Uyo from Aba.

Loved ones of the departed have gone online to grieve her inauspicious destruction as they honored her.

Her lamenting sister, Ndiana, additionally took to Facebook to grieve her sister and considered how passing removes individuals, gone forever.

Source: www.ideasghonline.com


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