A 10-year-old boy, Desmond Amonoo, has designed a beautiful stadium model he calls the Black Star stadium.

The architectural work, which has gone viral on social media, is shaped like a star with all the necessary facilities to make a complete stadium.

In November 2020, Desmond stunned Ghanaians with his design of a replica of the first Sports Stadium at Axim.

He made the design using plywood and Rafia palm to draw the shape, mixed green and yellow paint for the inner parameter.

He said after going to the contractors for the official plan in order to speed up his work, he also took the material they used for the VIP stand to fix his.

What makes the Black Star Stadium unique is, it is not a replica of any design but originally created by Desmond.

The 10-year-old envisions to become the best architect in Ghana with hopes of his designs being constructed someday in Ghana.

Desmond is currently in class five but started practicing on his designs at age two.

Watch video below:

SOURCE: Evelyn Anane


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